First Lady Melania Trump Took A Stand And Made Big Statement For Opioid Crisis, It’s Outstanding

First Lady Melania Trump gave her opening comments at the White House prior to President Donald Trump proclaimed the opioid crisis a national health emergency under federal law on Thursday.

Melania lately did her best to battle the opioid epidemic head-on, holding a roundtable conversation with experts and people influenced by addiction to opioids at the White House, paying a visit to a recovery center in West Virginia, and expressing her support on Twitter for #stopdrugaddiction.

“The opioid epidemic has affected more than 2 million Americans nationwide, and sadly, the number continues to rise,” she said to the White House ceremony Thursday. “And I have recently taken a larger interest in what I can do to help fight this epidemic.”

She then was discussing about how meeting with people affected by drug addiction has aided widen her perspective on its challenges. One individual she met with taught her that “the stigma of drug addiction must be normalized and that talking about it, and this is the only way to do that.”

Melania added that by speaking with victims and experts on the matter she learned that drug addiction is a lot more predominant than US citizens may realize. “The common theme with all of these stories is that this can happen to any of us,” she said.

“Drug addiction can take your friends, neighbors, or your family,” Melania noted. “No state has been spared. And no demographic has been untouched.”

Melania continued that she’s “so proud” to support her husband as he follows through with his commitment to address the opioid crisis.

“I look forward to continue my work on the behalf of the country,” she continued.

As Melania has devoted time combating drug addiction in the US, her other cause, bullying, has likewise kept her in the headlines, as critics see the president’s efforts on Twitter and otherwise as a direct contradiction to what she does on the issue.

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