Donald Trump: Rocky or Rambo — Which Sylvester Stallone Movie is Better?

President Donald Trump admitted on Thursday that he had a difficult time choosing between two of actor Sylvester Stallone’s most popular movies.

“I love his movies,” Trump said to Sylvester Stallone. “I don’t care if it’s ‘Rambo’ or ‘Rocky,’ I still don’t know which I like better.”

Stallone was at the White House on Thursday for the signing of a pardon for the first black boxing heavy-weight champion Jack Johnson.

Trump first revealed he was considering the pardon in April, after having a conversation with Stallone about the issue.

It’s incredible you’ve done this,” Stallone said to Trump, adding that Johnson was the inspiration for the character Apollo Creed in his Rocky movies.

“He’s truly an inspirational character,” he said.

Trump admitted that Stallone had insisted that there be no press for the signing, but decided to anyway.

“I get stage fright,” Stallone joked.


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