OF COURSE: Los Angeles Airport To Open Special Terminal For The Rich And Famous

They think they’re so much above everyone else . . . Pathetic!!! They are so “in touch” with real America…why do they need a “special terminal or safe space”???

The American people made these people wealthy and now they think they shouldn’t have to mingle with us in airports? Well, how about we don’t let them mingle with any more of our money? That should get their retarded attention!!!

Hollywood has basically become the base of the Democratic Party. This new development is going to reinforce their image as elitists.

LA’s rich and famous will no longer have to mix with the common folk at the airport. They’re getting their very own terminal.

Heat Street reports:

LA Airport Opening Luxury ‘Rich and Famous Terminal’ To Separate the Stars From Everyone Else

It’s a special moment for us normal people when, in the chaos of an airport terminal, we spot a celebrity in the vicinity. There’s a brief pause, a double-take and then delight when you see, say, Cara Delevingne—like I did at John F. Kennedy Airport a couple months back—and think, oh, the stars are just like us, trying to get out of Dodge.

Cherish the moment. Next week, Los Angeles International Airport is going to deprive us of that experience. They’re opening the private terminal—naturally called The Private Suite—to allow the rich and famous even more luxury and solitude.

The remote terminal is open to anyone who can afford the hefty price tag. But the highest price may be the ever-widening disconnect for celebrities who are already totally out of touch with everyday Americans.

Let’s just say that the bottom tiers of society (i.e., you and me) will be able to afford access to this elite terminal exactly never. First, fliers shell out for a Private Suite membership ($7,500 a year). Then, each individual trip costs an additional $2,700-$3,000.

Remember this the next time some dumb liberal celebrity starts talking about fairness and equality.


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