CORNERED!! They Have the Computer Logs that PROVE What She Was Doing


The NSC has now revealed that computer logs exist that show exactly when and how often Rice was viewing the classified intelligence.

Recall, that she first claimed not to know a thing about this unmasking.  The logs prove she was deeply interested in the names that were masked.  She is exposed, yet again, as a liar and potential criminal.

How long are liberals going to defend the actions of Susan Rice?  She used her position as Obama’s National Security Advisor to spy on American citizens.

From Washington Examiner:

The National Security Council has uncovered computer logs that detail the instances former national security adviser Susan Rice requested and viewed records that included President Trump and his campaign staffers’ names in intelligence reports from July through January, according to a report published Monday.

You were Obama’s “security advisor” weren’t you Ms. Rice? You had no idea?

But there are those on the left that define her actions, that she knew “nothing” about, as perfectly acceptable. That does not hold up in court.

Now comes new revelations.

From Daily Caller:

Former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice ordered U.S. spy agencies to produce “detailed spreadsheets” of legal phone calls involving Donald Trump and his aides when he was running for president, according to former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova.

What was produced by the intelligence community at the request of Ms. Rice were detailed spreadsheets of intercepted phone calls with unmasked Trump associates in perfectly legal conversations with individuals,” diGenova told The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group Monday.

Former NSC senior director, Michael Doran says it, “was a stream of information that was supposed to be hermetically sealed from politics.”  Yet  President Obama REMOVED that protection to find out what Trump was saying and doing.

Doran charged that potential serious crimes were undertaken because “this is a leaking of signal intelligence.”

That’s a felony,” he told TheDCNF. “And you can get 10 years for that. It is a tremendous abuse of the system. We’re not supposed to be monitoring American citizens. Bigger than the crime, is the breach of public trust.”

Former deputy director for intelligence at U.S. Central Command Col. (Ret.) James Waurishuk, was none too pleased by these reports.

Waurishuk said he was most dismayed that “this is now using national intelligence assets and capabilities to spy on the elected, yet-to-be-seated president.”

“We’re looking at a potential constitutional crisis from the standpoint that we used an extremely strong capability that’s supposed to be used to safeguard and protect the country,” he said. “And we used it for political purposes by a sitting president. That takes on a new precedent.”

It appears that Susan Rice may finally be seeing her actions exposed to the light of day.

A Constitutional Crisis, as the colonel puts it, is a new level of criminality. The idea that one president in office can use his intelligence community to spy on presidential candidates is a total travesty of office.

And your national security advisor helped orchestrate it. Special prosecutor perhaps?

 Are Obama and Rice both guilty? How do you feel about these latest revelations? Leave your comments.


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