CONGRATULATIONS! Eric Trump And His Wife Just Made A MASSIVE Announcement

On Tuesday, Eric and Lara Trump announced the birth of their newest son, Eric Luke Trump. He tweeted the following this morning.


Cute little mister, isn’t he? How could you hate on the Trump family, they are picture perfect indeed. We need to show them support in any way possible because the mainstream media refuses to do so. Mainstream media outlets are following the trend of throwing dirt on Trump’s name. Let them hate, you just do you, President Trump. You have far more important things to take care of. Social media users got on Twitter to show some love for the Trump family and the newborn son Eric Luke Trump. Stories like this one make my heart melt.

But, here come the liberals. They always have something negative to say. As expected, they said a lot of dirty things about Eric Trump’s newborn child. It’s pretty normal, they are brainless savages after all. There is no need to give them further attention.

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