California Senator Kamala Harris Claims No Illegal Aliens Have Ever Raped Or Killed Anyone

California Senator Kamala Harris is someone the democrats are convinced will be able to take President Trump out in 2020, because they apparently put a lot of faith in stupid people who say stupid things. Next to Rep. Ted Lieu and Rep. Adam Schiff, Harris is one of the dumbest democrats in Congress. To prove that, she just put out a statement that illegal aliens don’t rape or kill anyone days after an illegal alien killed an NFL player. Idiocy and bad timing do not make a great presidential candidate, even for democrats.

Here’s Harris’ factually-challenged statement:

“The decision to rescind DACA is part of a much broader attempt to target immigrants. This Administration has ignited anti-immigrant sentiment, characterizing immigrants as rapists, murderers & people who are going to steal American jobs. That could not be further from the truth,” wrote Harris.

It’s actually pretty hard to be that wrong on everything, but Harris achieved it, so she has that going for her. The decision to rescind DACA, an Obama executive order that granted amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, was done because it was unconstitutional. Obama enacted a law from the Oval Office, which is Congress’ job, not the president’s. Trump rescinded DACA and told Congress to come up with an actual law. He did it to comply with the Constitution, not to target immigrants.

Also immigrants are different than illegal aliens. The first group has permission to come here while the second does not. People who sneak into our country are not immigrants, they are criminals.

Donald Trump never characterized “immigrants” as rapists and murders as Harris claims. He said some illegal aliens from Mexico were rapists and criminals, which is true. He also called Salvadoran gang MS-13 are murderers, which is also true. At no point did he ever imply that people who come here legally are killers and sexual predators. This is extremely dishonest on Harris’ part.

And that brings is to the biggest untruth of this liberal lie-cluster. Harris is saying the idea that illegal aliens are rapists and murderers is the furthest thing from the truth. In other words, it is her position that no illegal aliens ever rape or kill Americans.

On Super Bowl Sunday Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson was killed by a drunk driving illegal alien from Guatemala who had been deported two times before. Does that count as an immigrant killing someone to Kamala Harris?

Maybe this will do it for her: Illegal alien Luis Bracamontes killed two law enforcement officers in Harris’ home turf of California and then taunted that he wished he had killed more cops. And who can forget illegal alien Esdras Marroquin Gomez who beat a NY socialite to death with a fire extinguisher? Even the DREAMers are in on this as DACA recipient Daniel De Jesus Rangel-Sherrer shot and killed a high school girl in South Carolina.

Oh, and they rape too. Illegal alien Horacio Alvarado raped and impregnated his stepdaughter because he thought having a baby would keep him from getting deported. Illegal aliens Victor Gonzalez-Gutierres and Edgar Chicas-Hernandez kidnapped and raped a girl in a twisted extortion plot in Maryland. Plus there is the heart-warming story of illegal alien Victor Francisco Michel-Lara who raped a 7-year-old girl over a thousand times.

Yes, illegal aliens rape and murder and yes, Kamala Harris is a partisan hack and a liar. And while we are at it, until the US has zero unemployment, immigrants both legal and illegal, who come here to work are stealing American jobs.


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