BREAKING: Trump Fires Tillerson… Names New Sec. Of State In Tweet

President Trump has recently been shuffling White House staff, but nobody saw this major move coming.

The Hill reports:

President Trump has removed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and replaced him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo in a move that stunned Washington with its timing.

Trump has nominated Gina Haspel, Pompeo’s current deputy, to lead the CIA.

Trump told reporters Tuesday morning that he made the decision “by myself,” signaling he did not speak with Tillerson before firing him.

“I actually got along great with Rex, but really, it was a different mindset,” Trump said from the White House.

State Department officials did not immediately respond to The Hill’s requests for comment on Tillerson’s abrupt ouster.

Trump and Tillerson had repeatedly clashed, most famously when the secretary of State reportedly referred to Trump in private as a “moron.”
The report clearly got under Trump’s skin, and the president responded by challenging Tillerson to an IQ test.


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