BOYCOTT !!! JIM CARREY : ‘Trump Is A Soulless Liar And A… He Is A Gangrene That Has To Be…’

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey heavily criticized President Donald Trump’s organization and Republican administrators in a recent Twitter post, calling them “souless traitors” who should be expelled from office “so democracy can live.”

“The GOP and WH have become sinister conclaves of souless traitors, liars and thieves – a gangrene we must remove so democracy can live,” Carrey composed on Twitter, with the hashtag “#killthebill.”

Although the Hollywood star didn’t say which bill he’d like to see removed, the White House and Congressional Republicans are trying to install a tax reform, a financial plan, Immigration, and healthcare change.

Carrey is a strong critic of the President, frequently tweeting posts to undermine his presidency. Back in August Carrey stated that President Trump would make that big appearance at a stage in West Virginia and “eat a child” to satisfy his “zombie base.”


The comedian incorporated into his tweet a cartoonish Trump with big teeth and what seems, by all accounts, to be blood everywhere on his mouth.

Not long ago Carrey called President Trump a “stooge” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“They bailed him out, set him up and made him their stooge. With Trump in the WH, Putin may win the 3rd World War without firing a shot. #PuckerUpPOTUS,” was in Carrey’s tweet, which portrayed President Trump kissing Putin’s butt.

He has been involved in a death lawsuit connected to the 2015 suicide of Cathriona White, his ex-girlfriend.

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