Beyonce Beaten By Three Republican Women For Most Admired Woman In The World

Gallup released its annual list of the men and women who Americans admire most, and this year it’s a good list, with a few exceptions. Obama and Hillary Clinton still sit at #1 on their respective lists, but Trump has climbed up at #2 on the list for men, joined on that list by Mike Pence and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Gallup goes on to note that while Obama and Hillary have had the top spots for years, their popularity has taken a big hit.
Clinton’s and Obama’s standings this year are more tenuous than in the past. The 9% who name Clinton is the lowest percentage she has received since 2002, when 7% named her in another close first-place finish. Clinton won the title this year in the same poll she registered a personal low favorable rating. This indicates she remains top of mind for enough people who like her to be named more than any other woman in response to the open-ended question, finishing ahead of some women who may be better liked overall but are not as prominent in people’s minds.
The percentage of adults naming Obama as the most admired man is down from 22% last year, but he has been at or near 17% in several other years.
Maybe it’s time to change out those number 1 spots, Obama and Hillary seem to be dragging the list down
Here is the full list:
As Trump’s presidency goes on, and he continues to get things done, Republicans continue to move up in the ranks of this list, coincidence? Nope.
Men like Mike Pence probably wouldn’t otherwise be on this list, but due to the work that has been getting done under the Trump administration, Pence, and other republicans, are getting the respect and the notoriety they deserve, I’m looking forward to next year’s list having the POTUS on top.
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