Could the Awan-Schultz Scandal Bring Down the Democratic Party?

Defrauding Congress, internal coverups, illegal access, potential ties to Pakistani ISI and the Muslim Brotherhood, and a curious interest into pedophile centric videos;  what will the investigation into Rep. Debbie Wassermann Schultz’s former IT workers reveal?

(VERO BEACH, FL) In what is quickly shaping up to become the biggest scandal for the Democratic Party since Hillary Clinton’s secret server and WikiLeaks’ release of the emails from John Podesta and the DNC, the investigation into the former DNC chairwomen’s IT workers may be the scandal that breaks the donkey’s back.


Six individuals of Pakistani origin; three brothers named Imran, Jamal, and Abid Awan; two of their wives Hina Alvi (Imran) and Natalia Sova (Abid); and Rao Abbas (Imran’s best friend, and a former McDonald’s employee) were hired to provide IT services for 32 former and current democratic members of the House of Representatives between 2004 and 2016, and received approximately $4 million for their services. Only 5 of these 6 individuals are reportedly being investigated by local police and the FBI.

According to multiple sources who have spoken to the Daily Caller over the past year, both inside law enforcement and the IT offices of effected congress members, the Awan brothers removed hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment from congressional offices, including computers and servers, while also running a procurement scheme in which they bought equipment, then overcharged the House administrative office that assigns such contractors to members.

The Awan’s were involved in a score of business ventures in addition to their IT work, which included renting real estate. Upon learning he was under investigation by Capitol Police in February 2017, Imran Awan abruptly moved out of his home and rented it to a Marine Corps veteran married to a female Navy Officer.

After occupying the home and inspecting containers Imran Awan left behind on the property, the unnamed former Marine told The Daily Caller he found “wireless routers, hard drives that look like they tried to destroy, laptops, [and] a lot of brand new expensive toner.”

Realizing the electronics belonged to the U.S. government, the couple then called the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), prompting FBI agents and Capitol Police to arrive to interview them and confiscate the equipment.

Prior to calling NCIS, the former Marine told The Daily Caller that Imran Awan had aggressively pursued retrieving the equipment, showing up at the home at-least “three to four times,” and even threatening to sue the couple for theft of property.

After the material was confiscated, Rep. Wassermann Schultz used her position on a May 24th budget hearing to threaten the chief of Capitol Police, Matthew R. Verderosa, with “consequences” if a laptop included in the seized cache was not returned.

Rep. Wassermann Schultz claimed the laptop was purportedly used by Imran Awan and was found hidden in a vacant office.

On Monday, a day after The Daily Caller published Investigative Journalist Luke Rosiak’s report detailing that Imran Awan had illegally stored smashed congressional hard drives in the garage of his rental property, the alleged ring leader was arrested and detained by the FBI after attempting to board a flight to Pakistan through Dulles International Airport in Virginia, which had a connection in Doha, Qatar, and a return scheduled six months later in January 2018.

According to the affidavit, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol found around $12,000 in cash and “household goods, clothing and food items” in Imran Awan’s possession.

Imran was charged with one count of bank fraud, and after pleading “not guilty” at his Tuesday arraignment, he was released from custody into a “high-intensity supervision program” with conditions which include 24/7 GPS monitoring, a nighttime curfew and a restriction to stay within a 50-mile radius of his home in Lorton, Virginia. Imran himself had previously told his tenants he was “homeless” and refused to have certified mail and congressional communications sent to the rental home routed to an alternate address.

On Wednesday night Rep. Wassermann Schultz released a statement announcing that Imran Awan, who had been serving in a part time paid-advisory role for the Congresswomen since losing his clearance to conduct congressional IT work in February, was no longer employed with her office. Rep. Wassermann Schultz did not comment however on whether she had planned to continue paying Imran Awan for his services had he successfully boarded the Monday flight to Pakistan.

“After details of the investigation were reviewed with us, my office was provided no evidence to indicate that laws had been broken, which over time, raised troubling concerns about due process, fair treatment and potential ethnic and religious profiling,” Rep. Wassermann Schultz said. “Upon learning of his arrest, he was terminated.”

Rep. Schultz resigned as DNC chief in July 2016 after the organization’s IT system was hacked, an act which has since been blamed on an anonymous figure named “Guccifer 2.0”.

National Security officials have alleged this figure, who hosted information from the DNC servers on a blog during the election, was backed by Russian intelligence, though forensic evidence appears to show that the original data was most likely physically copied locally by someone with access to a system connected to the DNC internal network based on the alleged speed of transfer.


The Awan’s had access to the nation’s most classified information.

If the reports are correct, that Imran Awan retained the ability to read any emails sent and received by the 32 former and current democratic congress members his family managed IT work for after setting up their email accounts, the Awan’s literally had access to all correspondences from sensitive committees such as the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

On Wednesday Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who serves on the House Judiciary Committee, echoed this point to Breitbart News Daily’s Curt Schilling, and added that the Awan-Schultz scandal may have an Islamist tie back to Pakistan.

“They had access to the information on the multiple clients that they had, and that number is nearly a score, as I recall, they would have had access to all the information that came through all those computers in all those offices and access to all the communications of the foreign affairs committee ,” Rep. King said. “This connection goes back to Pakistan, so we need to look at this thing also from an Islamist perspective, did any resources, what about, ‘did any resources go that way, did any information go that way,’ I just want that in peoples minds.”

This breech could date back to as early as 2004, when he first began working for former Florida Democratic Rep. Robert Wexler as an “information technology director”. Imran Awan was then subsequently hired by Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wassermann Schultz’s office in 2005.

In addition to having access to the information, Imran Awan may have been selling intel to Pakistani intelligence, potentially even on behalf of high level Washington politicians.

William Craddick, an independent investigative reporter known for exposing the Clinton connected Silsby child trafficking ring in Haiti and now the Editor-in-Chief of Disobedient Mediatweeted Wednesday night:

“So I was told something about the Awan’s which I have not been able to verify yet but will share anyways with people since it is interesting. The Awan’s were receiving intelligence from the DNC on India, which they were then passing on to Pakistan via the ISI [Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency]. You might not have noticed, but Pakistan, China and India are all in a bit of a crisis right now. Since there is a possibility that a conflict could break out involving the three, Pakistan was using the Awan’s to get intel via the US. It’s likely that other states including China, Saudi Arabia and Israel were able to get their hands on it as well. DNC members were essentially passing on intel to foreign states which has made the possibility of a world war more likely. Why do you think you only ever hear about Russia and never China, Pakistan or India in our media? They don’t want you to even think about it”

Townhall columnist Fred Fleitz, who has held national security jobs for 25 years with the CIA, DIA, State Department and the House Intelligence Committee staff, claimed in February that a former female CIA officer told him she was worried that the three Awad brothers may have “ties to the Pakistani intelligence service, ISI.”

Retired intelligence officer Tony Shaffer also raised this point Thursday during an appearance with Laura Ingraham on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, claiming there is now evidence that the Awan brothers helped Rep. Wassermann Schultz conduct “malevolent activities” against Bernie Sanders, and may have been sending information to the Muslim Brotherhood and foreign intelligence agencies.

“Now, what is really key here to remember, Laura, is not about hard drives. It’s about the fact that these individuals, during a time they worked for her [Rep. Schultz] on Capitol Hill, and her position as a member of Congress had massive access to all databases to include e-mail of members of Congress, super user access to the system itself, and most importantly the sensitive information being held by the House Foreign Affairs Committee and other committees that they had access to,” Mr. Shaffer said. “Now the FBI has rolled in and let me give you the big take away here, it looks like a foreign intelligence service may be the recipient of all this. Something called the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The connection to the Muslim Brotherhood is especially concerning because the Awan families activities span the entire tenure of the Obama administration, and as TRUNEWS covered extensively in 2016 with DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney, President Obama’s State Department refused to give the designation of “terrorist group” to a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Islamic movement called Tablighi Jamaat (pronounced: TAAB-LEE JAMAT).

According to Mr. Haney the Obama administration instead decided to erase all 67 of his records detailing Tablighi Jamaat’s terror connections, including the fact that 25 percent of Gitmo detainees were affiliated with the movement, claiming the information violated the civil rights and civil liberties of Muslims.

To put this into perspective, Mr. Haney told an audience at the 2016 Values Voter Summit that had the Obama administration not shutdown his investigation into “Tablighi Jamaat” affiliated individuals, which included ties to the mosques attended by the San Bernardino and the Orlando Pulse night club terrorists, those attacks could have potentially have been stopped.

“The case included individuals that were affiliated with the San Bernardino mosque, Dar Al Uloom Al Islamiya San Bernardino, and therefore my plausible premise is that the [December 2015 San Bernardino] attack could have been stopped or averted,” Mr. Haney said. “The same with the Fort Pierce Islamic Center [Orlando shooter] Omar Mateen was part of, and his father is the vice president of. That mosque was also part of the same Tablighi Jamaat-Deobandi network.”

Based on the Awan’s extent of access, which included the correspondences of members of the House Intelligence Committee, the question has been raised of whether the IT brothers have had a hand in the botched Yemen raid in late January.

Cernovich Media, owned by popular Drudge Report linked political commentator Mike Cernovich, posed this question in a report posted to the pundits YouTube channel on Wednesday July 26th.

The Yemen raid on a base run by Al Qaeda’s Yemen affiliate was executed on January 29th, had been discussed for approval among government officials dating back to December 2016. Imran Awan had access to sensitive congressional data, specifically correspondences between members of the House Intelligence Committee, until February 2nd.

According to service member on the mission, who spoke to TRUNEWS on the condition of anonymity, as well as an unnamed former member of Navy SEAL Team 6 who spoke to the New York Times after reviewing reports of the operation, the Al Qaeda insurgents appeared to have been alerted of the impending assault, and used this information to bolster the defenses of their compound.

The changes in the terrorists defensive strength and the loss of the element of surprise have been noted as contributing factors in the death of Navy SEAL Chief Special Warfare Operator William “Ryan” Owens during the raid.

In addition to the potential ties to terror, Imran Awan may have also been using the information gathered from Congressional servers to potentially blackmail dirty politicians in DC.

Some congressional aides have come forward to The Daily Caller and shared their belief that the Awan’s were blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, due to the fact that these representatives have displayed unwavering and intense loyalty towards the Awan brothers.

For example, New York Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks, who was once named one of the most corrupt members of Congress, and who had at one time or another employed each of the brothers, has stated that they were being “falsely targeted because they are Muslims, some with ties to Pakistan.”

Additionally, Imran Awan successfully procured the representation of Chris Gowen, a founding partner of the Gowen, Rhoades, Winograd and Silva law firm.

Mr. Gowen’s official bio on the law firm’s website states that he began his legal career as a public defender in Miami-Dade, Florida before leaving to work for Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. During his tenure he served as the fact checker for President Clinton’s memoir, “My Life,” a traveling aid for President Clinton’s national and international trips, and finished by directing the advance operations for then-Senator Hillary Clinton during her 2008 presidential campaign.

According to Conservative Review, Mr. Gowen also did work for the Clinton Foundation and its Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

Though the Awan’s have managed to garner a “reputation worth defending” among the beltway elite, their own parents appear to find them untrustworthy. Imran Awan’s father, James, changed his last name to avoid being associated with his children’s fraudulent behavior, and their stepmother, Samina Gilani, went as far as to file legal paperwork on April 14th in Fairfax county, Virginia, claiming the Awan’s were wiretapping and extorting her to get money which was hidden overseas in Pakistan.

The question of whether classified material was ever available to the Awan brothers has already been answered, based on the letter eight democrat members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence signed and issued on March 22nd, 2016, for their staffers to be granted access to “Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information” (TS/SCI), one of the highest tiers of classification for the U.S. government.

If this wasn’t enough, these are the three bombshells TRUNEWS has uncovered thus far in the Awan-Schultz conspiracy:

1) According to an email published as part of WikiLeaks’ “DNC Emails” series between Imran Awam and members of Rep. Wassermann Schultz’s senior staff, Imran Awan had access to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s iPad password, meaning that the Awan brothers also had direct access to the notorious DNC emails prior to their publication.

2) Imran Awan was reportedly downloading information from Congressional servers to an “off-site location”, and according to one congressional IT staffer, the Awan’s had even set up the ability to “remote access” select congressional computers so they, or anyone they shared this ability with, could potentially connect to the all the congressional data from anywhere in the world.

3) Imran Awan may have had a subscription to a YouTube Channel called “Seven Super Girls”, which publishes content appealing to pedophiles.

The question of whether this channel is heavily trafficked by pedophiles was raised in late June by the host of Comedy Central’s Tosh.o in a broadcast segment reviewing one of the most popular videos on the channel involving a young girl named Lucy eating what appears to be a cream pie.

“I’ll level with you I may have stumbled across something dark here,” Comedian Daniel Tosh said after sharing a clip from the channel. “When you’ve seen the horrible things on the internet that I’ve seen you get a nose for it, and I don’t like the way Seven Super Girl’s smells.”

“For comparison ‘The Beatles’ video for “I Want to Hold Your Hand” has 13.7 million views (15.4 million as of 7/29), this video has 137 million views, let that sink in, who’s watching all these videos of little girls in bathing suits and taped up to beds?” Mr. Tosh said. “I suspect its not just teenage girls, its dudes, this channel posts a new video every single day where they guarantee, and even brag, that all girls are under 18 years of age.”

TRUNEWS edited the above segment to make the clip friendly for family viewership)

The “Seven Super Girls” channel is subscribed to by a Google Plus account titled “Imran Awan”, which contains pictures, personal information, and followers, including over 60 pictures of a home which, according to a HELOC loan application published by The Daily Caller, is legally registered to the wife of Imran Awan, the man currently implicated in a major scandal with Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The “Imran Awan” Google Plus account is also followed by another account titled “Hina Alvi,” the name of Imran Awan’s wife. The failure to disclose the renting of this property prior to the application for that HELOC loan, and the usage of $165,000 from that loan in a $283,000 wire transfer to Pakistan this past week, contributed in part to the FBI bringing a bank fraud charge against Imran Awan, and halting him from leaving the country.

Back to the Seven Super Girls YouTube channel, Jack Burns, a writer for The Free Thought Project, an online blog which reports on police brutality, political corruption, and the war on drugs, recently called the YouTube page a “smorgasbord of smut” carefully crafted to serve as “eye candy” for adults and teenagers to indulge in their child-sex fantasies.

“At first glance, the Seven Super Girls YouTube homepage, arguably, looks like one’s favorite porn site. Each under-18 girl has her own sub-channel,” Mr. Burns wrote in a report published on June 25th. “To the unwitting, however, the site may look like girls dressed like girls, engaging in activities which girls enjoy — going to camp, hanging with friends by the pool, and playing dress up.”

Imran Awan has three school-aged children, who reportedly left the country with his wife on March 5th on a flight to Pakistan, but during their time living with their father in Virginia, its plausible they may have subscribed to the “Seven Super Girls” YouTube channel, and similar channels,  while logged in through Imran Awan’s Google Plus account.

But as a writer for the blog iBankCoin noted in a recent report on this subject, “one would think that a highly skilled devout Muslim IT professional would monitor his children’s internet usage more closely for sexualized underage infidels.”

In March 2017 The New York Times published a report about “The Seven Super Girls” affiliated channels, or Seven Awesome Kids (SAKs) as they are known, and explained that they were started in 2008 by “seven families in Britain who, in the early days of YouTube, wanted to make sure their children were making family-appropriate content.”

The only remaining parent of that original partnership, the NY Times reported, is Ian Rylett, who is currently in charge of the SAKs operation.

Mr. Rylett, who lives in Leeds, said producing the channels was essentially his full-time job. He and a team of six others take care of copyright issues, create sponsorship deals, come up with weekly themes, monitor the channels and arrange meet and greets.

The tickets for a recent 1000-seat event in April, 2017 held in Orlando, Florida, were selling for $30 each


On Wednesday President Trump retweeted a TownHall story on how the unfolding Awan-Schultz scandal is being ignored by the main American television news networks.

On Friday the Washington Free Beacon reported that leading members of the House Judiciary Committee and Government Oversight Committee are “interested” in conducting their own independent investigation into the reports of “illicit IT activity,” which could include asking for the on-record testimony of Rep. Wasserman Schultz.

“In addition to the criminal case that is now underway, Congress needs to get answers regarding the scope of Imran Awan’s misconduct and the access he had to sensitive material in the United States House of Representatives, including why he remained on the House payroll for so long,” Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), a member of the Government Oversight Committee and chair of its National Security Subcommittee said.

“The facts as we know them are very troubling and we need a full accounting of his time at both the DNC and the U.S. House,” Rep. DeSantis said. “Congressional hearings are in order.”

Rep. DeSantis added that this could require testimony from Rep. Wassermann Schultz, and was joined in this opinion by Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, a sitting member of the House’s Judiciary Committee.

“Yes, we could ask for her [Rep. Wasserman Schultz] to testify and look for either the government reform or judiciary” committees to help an investigation,” Gohmert said. “Both have jurisdiction over things in this whole catastrophe.”

“You don’t have to be all that great at hacking to hack into almost anyone’s email and calendar,” Rep. Gohmert said. “Our enemies that would like to bring down the U.S. would love to have the calendars of every single member of Congress to see who’s vulnerable to what and how they can be manipulated. There’s a reason that you have to have a background check in order to work on our system.”

Proving that the frustrations and concerns with Rep. Wassermann Shultz’s dealings with the Awan brothers cross both isles of Capitol Hill, liberal law professor Tim Canova, who has filled paperwork to run against the former DNC head in 2018, accused the lawmaker on Tuesday of obstructing justice, and said “the Democratic Party will flounder” as long as she remains in office.


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