After Release of Wolff Book, Melania Hits Back With BRUTAL Revenge

With the release of Michael Wolff’s book ‘Fire and Fury’ last week, many in the Trump administration have called out the blatant lies written about people that Wolff has never even met with.

First Lady Melania Trump is joining that faction to call the book pure “fiction” through her spokesperson onMonday.

The book is a work of fiction.”“It is a long-form tabloid that peddles false statements and total fabrications about Mrs. Trump. In short, it’s irresponsible and yet another ‘journalist’ looking to profit off the Trump family and this administration.”

The comments come after the book’s allegations that President Trump and Melania don’t see each other for days at a time when they are both staying at Trump tower.

“Freedom of speech does not mean the freedom to tell lies. Perhaps one day she will tell her own truthful story, but until then Mrs. Trump is focused on her role as First Lady.”

Amen! This is a vicious attack on the First Lady who has done nothing but help others since President Trump’s inauguration.

Liberals who are angry about the election will stop at nothing to bring President Trump and his family down. We must SHARE this and show Trump he has our support!

Source : UsTruthWire

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