After Libs Say Trump Would Never Act the Hero, He Shatters Them With the Truth

What a backwards world the Democrats live in; they’re determined to discourage heroes and praise total cowards – namely people like Sheriff Israel – which is why they thought they’d have a field day when President Trump suggested if he had been in the position of the school cop that he would have stepped in.

Unfortunately for them, there’s history to back his claim. In an antiquated article in the New York Timestitled, “The Donald halts mugging,” we’re reminded of a good pre-Thanksgiving deed brought to you by the future president himself.

November 20th, 1991, Donald Trump was cruising through New York City when he saw “a big guy with a big bat” beating up on another man, and Trump had his driver pull over. Against former partner Marla Maples’ wishes, Trump stepped out of the car and began to intervene.

The thug recognized Trump, denied any wrongdoing, and fled the scene. Witnesses recount that “a lot of people were surprised that he got out to see what was happening,” which brings us back to 2018. Would a lot of people still be surprised to see President Trump intervening against evil and taking up for the little guy?

How convenient it is that the media forgot this 27-year-old memory in lieu of a more beneficial idea of a selfish president.

Well, we didn’t forget; we will never forget.

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