After Jim Acosta Questions Trump’s Comments, Sarah Huckabee Humiliates Him in Front of the World

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders returned from her Olympics adventure today and held an on-camera press briefing to quell the rowdy press questions that have been building up in her absence.

Midway through the briefing, Sarah called on CNN reporter Jim Acosta and that is where the fireworks begin.

Jim referred to President Trump’s remarks earlier today where he criticized the responding officers who reportedly waited outside saying that he would have run in to save the children even without a weapon.

“When the president said earlier today that he would have run into the school, was he suggesting he could have saved the day?”

Sarah could already see where his line of questioning was headed and she shut him right down.

“I think he was just saying that as a leader he would have stepped in and hopefully been able to help a number of individuals that were in the school – the coach and a number of other adults. And even a lot of the students stepped up and helped protect other students. I think the point was that he would have wanted to play a role in that as well.”

This is where Acosta loses his mind and resorts to mocking Trump.

“Uh, is he trained in firing a weapon? Is he trained in using a handgun or firearm of some sort?”

Sarah was not taking any flack from him today.

I don’t think that was the point he was making. He was saying that he would be a leader and would want to take a courageous action and a lot of the individuals that helped protect others that day were not carrying firearms, which I think shows that you can be helpful in that process without it.”

Acosta then accused Trump and his administration of pushing to arm school faculty members and running the risk of having these situations turn into “the wild west.”

“That’s why we are having this conversation. … There are a lot of different people on both sides of this issue. That’s why we are continuing to have these discussions and that’s why we open most of them up so that you guys can see where a number of these people are and that there are a lot of voices on both sides. And we are doing everything we can to bring both groups together to unify the country and do everything we can to make sure we are taking the biggest and strongest steps forward in protecting America’s kids.”

BOOM! Another takedown of liberal Jim Acosta trying to paint President Trump in a negative light.



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